Nekiva, The Coin of Coins – The Best Coins of 2022

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Nekiva is a decentralized financial organization, changing the phase of cryptocurrency investments and giving the ordinary man a chance to become wealthy through investments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Nekiva, NKV
Nekiva Logo

What Problem is Nekiva Trying to Solve

The price of Bitcoin is around $60k at the time of this article, although bitcoin has huge potential the real potential for growth has to do with identifying little-known cryptocurrency projects that are worth a few cents and investing in them.

Nekiva foundation’s goal is to identify these little-known cryptocurrency projects and invest in them. Thus Nekiva would be pegged against a basket of other cryptocurrencies, making it ideal for members to spread their risks and enjoy the benefits of growth.

What is NKV

NKV is the Token of the Nekiva platform, members buy and hold NKV to benefit from Nekiva. It is a BEP20 token based on the Binance smart chain.

Nekiva Tokenomics

The total supply for NKV is 500 Million

50% of all profits generated from Nekiva Holdings would be used to buy back and burn NKV.

The remaining 50% are for reinvestments and other investments.

2% of all transactions are taxed for the NKV foundation that would be used for the day-to-day running of the organization.

1% of all transactions are burnt.

The combinations of burn functions both in transaction auto burn and the Nekiva foundation 50% burn rate would ensure that NKV continues to become rarely with time and adoption thus increasing the value.

Where to Buy NKV

NKV tokens can be bought at the PancakeSwap of Nekiva.

It is expected that NKV would be listed on many centralized exchanges as the project becomes popular, you want to get into Nekiva before it becomes popular.

Wallets to Store NKV

  • Metamask
  • Trust Wallet

Exchanges to Buy NKV

NKV is expected to be listed on the following exchanges by February 2024

  • MEXC
  • Kucoin
  • Hotbit

Nekiva Price Prediction

We expect NKV to continue to increase in price as adoption increases. The burning of the tokens would continue to cause the price of NKV to rise.

A price target of $5 per token is expected by 2023, Early investors would enjoy this heavy price appreciation.


NKV is a project with huge potential, they are one of the Altcoins solving real-world problems, and we expect that they continue to rise in value and provide real results for users across the globe.

Of all the cryptocurrency’s solving real-world problems, we believe that Nekiva’s tokenomics would ensure quick profitability for its early adopters.

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