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The Top 3 Best Crypto Investment Platforms

Invest Money in the Top 3 Best Crypto Investment Platforms

Invest money in one of the top 3 Crypto investment platforms in the world recommended below and enjoy consistent passive income from the comfort of your home. Invest money, let the best investment platforms make you money online while you enjoy from the comfort of your home.

The top 3 Best Investment Platforms are;

You can close the article right away if you just want the top 3 investment platforms to invest in, however, this article contains lots and lots of important pieces of information that can help you in your investing journey. If you want further information, kindly proceed with the article.

Top 3 Best Crypto Investment Platforms
Invest Money
Make Money Online
Best online investment platforms
Make Money Online

At orasio, our core goal is to review websites and help you make informed decisions, over the last year, we have reviewed several investment platforms, and helped thousands of users avoid scams that otherwise would have led to their financial destruction.

Our readers from the United Kingdom who want to choose an investment platform specific to the United Kingdom should consider this, investment newbies should consider reading and thoroughly understanding each investment platform before you proceed. Because no two investment platforms are the same, there are social investment platforms, and peer to peer investment platforms.

However, all these investment platforms come with a certain degree of risks, that must be understood before you invest. Our goal is to present you with all the options and help you to make informed decisions.

In this article, we are presenting you with the top 3 best crypto investment platforms that you can invest money and consistently make profits, earn passive income to grow your wealth.

In our reviews of the recommended crypto investment platforms below, we took special care to ensure our recommendations are indeed valid.

It is true that millions of people are looking for ways to make money online, and one sure way to make money online is to invest money into legitimate businesses.

Unfortunately, most people who search for the top 3 best crypto investment platforms or ways to invest money or make money online are often met with several fraudulent investment platforms, some of which promises as high as 200% profits in less than 24 hours.

Obviously, such high profits would come with high risks, however, whether your goal for investing money is to make money online, build wealth, or create a continuous flow of passive income, investing in a risky or fraudulent business would be detrimental to that goal.

Investing is one surest way to grow your wealth, and overcome poverty. However, most people have been limited by their environment and nations for years. Thanks to the internet, that period is over and many people are looking for some of the best online investment platforms to grow their wealth.

While the internet offers opportunities, unfortunately, most people who search for online investment platforms are often served with ads from companies that are fraudulent.

Dangers to Avoid in Your Quest to Make Money Online

  • Avoid greed - Do not let your greed lead to your involvement in scams
  • Be thorough in research - Before investing money, ensure you have done thorough research to be certain you would receive the promised returns. One way of doing such research is by reading articles like this.
  • Read reviews, and read wide
  • Be sure to stick to the goals, and be willing to build your wealth over a long period.

Why Invest Money Online in a Legit Crypto Investment Platform

Top 3 Best Crypto Investment Platform,
Invest Money,
Make Money Online
Best online investment platforms

  • Inflation: The truth is that most of the fiat currencies we are holding are losing value each day, to sustain that value or even get ahead in life, investing money is the only solution.
  • To create wealth; Investing is one sure way to make money online. There is no denying that millions of people are making money online. Your case can not be different.
  • To avoid country restrictions: There are some opportunities to make money online that are only accessible to us through the advent of the internet. This means you can get opportunities to make money online or invest money that our forefathers didn't have. Why not take proper advantage of these new opportunities.

Basis for the Selection of the Top 3 Best Crypto Investment Platform.

  • Duration of being operational and profitable to members
  • Our own experience with them: We have taken the opportunity to invest money in these companies to ensure that they are truly keeping their promises and helping you make money online.
  • Other reviews, what are other review websites saying about this particular business? are other users' experiences different?
  • Comments and direct messages from our readers like yourself who have invested money in these platforms

The Top 3 Best Crypto Investment Platforms to Invest Money

The Dorla Organisation

Dorla is an epitome of a resilient organization, unlike JustForex below, The Dorla investment platform invests for you and share the profits with you.

Truth is, getting profitable at trading or investing is a job for professionals. While you may be able to do it on your own, it is best when the professionals handle it on your behalf.

If you want to make money online, then invest money in the Dorla Investment Platform and enjoy awesome profits in the form of passive incomes and token value appreciation.

Dorla uses Perfect Money, and Crypto-currency payment's to enable you to easily invest regardless of your location in the world.

Dorla operates a variable dividend structure, i.e the returns they pay you are real and legitimate thus removing all doubt of their insolvency.

Last year, investors in Dorla earned over 48 per cent return on their investments.

Dorla recently launched its token called the Dorla tokens, which its investors buy and hold. Holders of the Dorla tokens receive their dividends through their ethereum wallet on file.

What's more, Dorla tokens are available through the uniswap exchange platform, you exchange your tokens directly for ethereum and that offers extra profits as the value of the tokens keeps increasing due to demand. If you are looking for a legitimate place to make money online or invest money, the best bet available is the dorla organisation.

Dorla is on course to become the best crypto online investment platform serving the under-served regions of the world through the use of electronic currency as payment methods.

Dorla is known for prompt communications, prompt payments, and prompt support to its investors across the world.

Minimum capital for Dorla Investments is $500, Quarterly profit payments, expect to earn up to 60% a year with Dorla Investment platform.

Club 9

Orasio is the go to place for authentic reviews. In this review of club9, also known as, we considered factors such as;

  • Transparency
  • Other Reviews
  • Experience of Our Users
  • Payment of profits to Members

Why did we conclude that Club 9 is a great investment platform? Because they are paying! The statistics show that the investment platform has paid more than profits to members than deposits they have received, thus the team behind CLub 9 must be doing a thorough job to ensure these achievements.

If you have followed our reviews for a while, you would know that we are often sceptics, but having invested ourselves into club 9 and the profits we have received are too good to be quiet about without recommending to our cherished and avid readers who take our recommendations seriously.

  • Profits paid are more than deposits, this means they are actually working hard behind the scenes
  • They are transparent in their dealings, a little live chat and you have all your questions answered
  • Up to 15% profits per month depending on your package.
  • Positive user experiences

Cons to Note;

  • Profits paid are a bit too high
  • Minimum investment is $50 but $300 if you want to 10% a month plan.

Every one of our users who have joined this platform has earned consistent profits and continue to excel and increase their passive income portfolio.

It is obvious that Club 9 pays more profits than the Dorla Organisation, however, we chose the dorla organisation as the number1 because it has existed for over 5 years while club 9 is only in its second year of operation.

If you are looking to invest money or make money online, Club 9 is the best place to be today.


Just Forex is an online forex broker that provides a platform for you to trade in the international forex market.

They provide industry-leading tools such as Meta trader 4 and 5, and web trader to provide you awesome opportunities to trade the international forex market.

JustForex provides accounts such as Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, and Raw spread. No matter the amount of capital you have, JustForex has an account that would suit your needs.

There is no minimum deposit, and they use payment gateways such as skrill, Credit cards, Mobile Money, African Bank Transfers, Perfect Money, Verve, Bitcoin, etc.

Just Forex is heavily regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vicent's and Grenadines.

This broker is popular in most of Africa and the continent of Asia and has proven to be reliable for its traders, and proving itself as the number 1 online investment platform in the world.

Just Forex is a broker, however, they offer Forex account management services where competent traders manage your funds for you. Forex Account management services are great if you choose a good trader to invest your money with.


Wealthify is backed by Aviva which is the UK's largest insurance provider and financial services provider. The services of Aviva are regulated by the Financial conduct authority.

With Aviva, your money is invested into stocks by a team of financial services managers across the world, this means you can not pick the stocks you want to invest in. That's is what Wealthify is there for.

You entrust your money to the investment platforms, they invest professionally and you get the returns from it.

The minimum amount required to invest with Wealthify is as little as 1 British pound.

Make Money Online | Invest Money | Final Words

There you have it, 3 of the best online investment platforms in the world, if you have experience with any of these 3, let us know in the comments section.

At Orasio, our goal is to expose all financial scams on the internet, while exposing the legitimate ones to you. Consider joining our mailing list to receive updates from us.

The top 3 best crypto investment platforms introduced to you here are all vetted by the Orasio team, by using publicly available information and our own experience with them, among other things.

Bookmark this page for future reference, always remember to invest not more than you can afford to lose.

The Top 3 Best Crypto Investment Platform for 2021

  • The Dorla Organisation Investment Platform- Make Money Up to 60% a year from experience
  • Club 9 Investment Platform- Invest Money and Earn Up to 15% a month
  • Wealthify - Variable rates

Join The Best Investment Platform7 years operational and still paying good money

Dorla has been operational for the last 7 years with good profits to all members. JOIN The Trust and Tested Investment Platform today and start earning profits.

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