What is an ICO

ICO refers to Initial Coin Offering, prior to 2019, ICO’s were the main source of profit for investors across the globe.

*Understand Nekiva* the mother of all Cryptocurrency’s. Bitcoin at its beginning faced many hard moments, with sceptics all over the place causing well-meaning individuals to miss out on the price of Bitcoin at a few cents.

Today Bitcoin is priced at $58,000 per coin, those who bought in at $0.02 are now multimillionaires. Bitcoin would continue to rise in value, but there is one problem; for most people, the value of Bitcoin is too high for them to make any meaningful wealth from Bitcoin without sophisticated trading algorithms.

Thus many have resorted to new crypto projects which often end up as scams. To solve this challenge, Nekiva has created the NKV token to solve your needs for true wealth creation.

With NKV, you do not have to keep scouting the web for profitable crypto projects to invest in and end up losing, neither do you need to keep the different wallets, different keys etc. The Autonomous Decentralized Organization, Nekiva does all the hard work in research, purchase and storage on your behalf.

How does this reflect in NKV prices? First off, NKV is designed to be deflationary in nature. It is created from scratch to be a value provider. There is a 1% auto burn function and a 2% auto tax function and a 50% auto buyback and burn function by the Nekiva Foundation all hardcoded in the smart contract.

When you participate in NKV ICO come this December, you would be buying NKV at its lowest point possible and positioning yourself for huge profits.

Understand more of these when you register on the Nekiva platform, you can as well join the Nekiva telegram group for further particulars.

The ICO begins on the 30th November 2021, register now to partake in the airdrops and also buy cheap before you miss out.

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