Forex Trading Course
The Best Forex Trading Course

Trading Forex is about skill set, not just knowledge, this is why a lot of people talk big but hardly ever make any consistent profits.

We are training you to be a perfectionist at trading, that’s all there is really.

This is why our live one on one Forex Mentorship course is the best in the industry, not only does it prepare you for the journey ahead, it thoroughly gives you the opportunity to learn at the feet of a master forex trader.


Learning to Trade Forex with Slyt Edge Trading Academy has been my best decision Ever. The One on One Mentorship Section truly changed my life for good. I recommend you to anyone who wants to profit from the Forex market.

Elena Miles


forex mentorship
Forex Mentorship

One on One Forex Mentorship

Learn Forex at the feet of a master, become a professional trader, with a high degree of accuracy and high earning potentials. Your future as a trader is exciting, are you ready?

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Physchology

Forex Trading Courses

Forex Trading Course for Beginners
Forex Trading Course for Beginners

Free Forex Trading Course

Learn How to Trade Forex for free, acquire a much needed skill set at zero cost to you.
Forex Trading Course
Advanced Forex Trading Course

Advanced Forex Trading Course

Improve your Forex trading skills, gain consistency with this course.
One on One Forex Mentorship
One on One Forex Mentorship

Forex Mentorship

Become a Professional Trader, Make money from the Forex Market from the comfort f your Home.

Trusted by Thousands of Students and Tutors

“My success as a trader came from learning to trade with an Edge, The Ebook helped shaped my psychology and the mentorship helped made me a better trader, best money I ever spent”


“I had my first profitable year after taking the one on one mentorship class”


“The course was practical, and personalized to me, I spent lots of time practising and validating the principles being taught. Today I am comfortable, living my best life and trading profitable from home”


“Once you take the course, there is no going back, the concepts were explained and practicalized for you to understand and master, my mentor was patient to go through the hardest phase of the learning with me, I am grateful”


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